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World travelers with a passion for seascapes, we love to bring out the beauty of a special light, a different scene or a unique perspective. We hope our photography will take you on a voyage... and that you will bring it home!

This site hosts our PORTFOLIO where you can choose the photographs you would love to order on prints, personal or home decor gifts. Please enquire directly by email for custom gifts and archival quality matted or framed prints signed by the artist.

Through our company TAKING ART PERSONALLY, we select the best craftsmen to imprint fine art images - ours or yours - on original and refined custom home decor and personal gifts such as greeting cards & postcards, giclee prints & oil on canvas, stunning wall sculptures, tiles & murals, designer mugs, counter art, lamps, trays, magnetic memo boards, window screens, doormats, lightswitch covers, lamps, clocks, home textiles, afghan, blankets, bags & scarves... These beautiful gifts are made of tempered glass, crystal, porcelain, ceramic, melamine, metal or textile. We also offer striking furniture made with glass, ceramic or tumbled stone tiles. All gifts can be personalized with a name or message. You can find our CATALOG on

Through our company ART FOLLOWS FUNCTION we will offer A STORE FRONT for FINE ARTISTS, which will showcase their online gallery and sophisticated e-commerce store. To learn more about this opportunity, please go to

Jim & Leen Mosley, Photographers
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